Comprehensive Assessment Including A Walk-Through Assessment | Lighting Systems Energy Audit | Project Analysis & Design | Presentation of Proposal | Credit Approva Processl | Energy Savings & Light Level Verification | Construction Inspection | Project Installation and Completion | Warranty & Maintenance

GreenPLS at the initial meeting with the customer will introduce our company, its services and will review applicable utility incentive programs. GreenPLS in conjunction with its Preferred Vendors will determine what a good project for the customer will be and whether or not GreenPLS can meet the needs of the customer.  

If it is determined by both the customer and GreenPLS that there can be a successful project, then a comprehensive facility-wide audit be scheduled.

The steps will include:

1) Comprehensive Assessments including a Walk Through Assessment

The initial assessment of a facility requires a physical walk-through of the space and observation of the major energy consuming systems by the expert staff of GreenPLS’ Preferred Vendor. This big picture survey allows a quick and effective method to preliminarily qualify opportunities and determines what further detailed assessments would be warranted. No detailed measurements are taken at this stage.  Walk-through assessments can quickly identify Energy Conservation Measures (ECMS) and allow the customer to make no cost/ low changes to save energy and improve systems operation.

When the walk-through assessment indicates that high energy costs and usage have created an opportunity to significant lower energy usage by increasing efficiency, an extensive collection of data will be required. This comprehensive data collection provides critical input which will allow a highly efficient energy model to be developed. The collected data will indicate what will be the most efficient project(s) to be considered within a facility and in turn will allow the customer to set priorities.  Accurate construction and retrofit cost estimates are then developed to calculated return (ROI) and life cycle of the investment. These comprehensive assessments are the basis for a complete Investment Grade Analysis which allows financing and performance contracts to be developed for the project.

2) Lighting Systems Energy Audit

If the walk through inspection other collected data determine that further audits are warranted, then GreenPLS will arrange for a facility wide lighting system energy audit. Depending on the size and attributes of the facility, either a Green PLS Preferred Vender representative will perform the audit. Every effort is made to inspect all areas in the facility including closets, storage areas, and restrooms. Information is gathered and recorded for each lighting fixture found. After the data is collected it is imputed into GreenPLS’ calculator to determine both energy usage and operational cost savings.
The types of data gathered will include:

1.      Location description

2.      Annual hours of light operation per fixture

3.      Utility Bills for the facility (Last three years)

4.      Number of Fixtures

5.      Foot-candle readings

6.      Lamp & Ballast types

7.    Maintenance records from the past three years

8.    Labor cost (Payroll for maintenance of system)

9.    Notes on mounting considerations, etc.
3) Project Analyses and Design

Audit data is entered into our software program for analysis and design. Every GreenPLS lighting project is carefully designed to strike an appropriate balance between energy savings, light levels, and light quality in each facility area. Many factors must be considered including existing conditions, tasks performed, payback criteria, and specific customer requests. Our projects are designed on a room-by-room, area-by-area basis to achieve the best possible results for the customer. Project design is a team effort, and all proposals are thoroughly reviewed by sales, design and finance.

The analysis and design effort will:

1)   Calculate point by-point fixture layout

2)   Determine proper illumination with corresponding fixtures

3)   Calculate energy savings and ROI

4)   Meet customer’s requirements including consideration of tasks being performed

5)   Apply light sensor control system applications

6)   Determine the necessary monitor system

7)   Prepare catalog data sheets for customer approval process

8)   Prepare and submit rebate applications on the customer’s behalf and perform technical reviews of applications independently and/or in conjunction with utility representatives, as required

4) Presentation of Proposal

GreenPLS’ proposal will address the specific needs and requests of our customers. Customers receive the necessary details needed to make an informed purchase decision. During the presentation, we will methodically walk customers through all of the information contained within the proposal. The presentation is interactive. We encourage customers to ask questions at any time.

A question that most customers ask at some point during our presentation is "How can we be sure that we will really see the energy savings specified in your proposal?" Lighting is only one component of a customer’s electric bill. Since electricity usage for different components (i.e., production equipment, air conditioners…) often changes in varying degrees from month to month, GreenPLS will calculate the exact amount of lighting energy savings which includes replacement and maintenance cost of the lighting system as specified in our proposal. GreenPLS Preferred Vender will perform a comprehensive Energy Savings and Light Level Verification testing procedure to confirm the benefits specified in our proposal.

5) Credit Approval Process

The credit approval process will begin when the customer accepts the proposal. It is important that the customer or businesses operating out of the facility has the ability to perform under our financial agreement. Items needed to process the credit approval are:

1)    Biography of the Principals of the Business or Owners

2)    Detailed information on the type of businesses operating out of the facility

3)    The facility background

4)    Completed credit application (All Owners and Principals of the Business)

5)    Credit Report on the Business

6)    Credit Report on the Owners or Principals of the Business

7)    Two year tax returns from the business and owner/principals of the business

8)    Two year bank statements from the business

9)    Title search of the property

10) Disclosure notice of sale

11) Disclosure of lease agreement

6) Energy Savings and Light Level Verification

A verification of energy savings and light levels from specific test areas and fixtures will be identified with the customer’s input. The test is designed to demonstrate the actual KW savings for a representative number of fixtures while matching or increasing light levels from the original fixtures. Tests are performed on primary fixture types which will provide the greatest savings. GreenPLS Preferred Vender can remove any perceived risk by physically demonstrating KW reduction. If metering is required to verify hours of operation or occupancy, GreenPLS Preferred Vender will install monitoring devices to obtain this data. Most lighting tests are in completed in one or two days. The data is used to verify the before and after KW estimates in our Proposal, and the Financial Overview and savings summary for the project will reflect any change to the anticipated savings.

In addition to verifying energy savings and light levels, the test allows employees at the facility to evaluate light quality and fixture aesthetics.

7) Construction Inspection

Upon the completion of verification of the energy savings, replacement, and maintenance along with light level verification tests, and before proceeding with the project, a construction-level lighting inspection is performed. During the construction inspection, fixture counts and specifications are verified, and we identify any construction-related issues that will impact the cost of the project (if there are changes they are usually minor). The customer will be given the opportunity to request any specific changes to their lighting system. Green PLS Preferred Vender performs the construction inspection.

8) Project Installation and Completion

Project installation times must be evaluated on a case-by-case basis including criteria such as the customer’s requested timeframe for installation, project size, and complexity of the installation.

Upon receipt of a signed contract or purchase order under a master agreement, materials are ordered and shipped from distributors and manufacturers. The project manager assigned to the project schedules a pre-construction meeting with the customer. The owner or the facility manager and key facility maintenance staff are asked to attend. The purpose of the meeting is to strategize an appropriate plan for project installation with input from the customer. Our commitment to the customer is a "no surprises" project that complies with the customer’s safety and construction policies.

The pre-construction meeting will include a facility walk-through, at which time the project manager meets with key supervisory staff at the facility. The project manager will provide an overview of the facility-wide project, and then describe what will occur in each area. He will ask the supervisory staff members questions concerning times that each area can be entered, equipment sensitivities, and other matters specific to the project. Logistical concerns such as dumpster location, recycling and hazardous waste disposal are also discussed. As the project begins, the project manager keeps the customer fully informed. Project meetings are scheduled to fit the facility’s needs.  This allows the project manager to anticipate any additional material needs to complete the project on schedule. GreenPLS Preferred Vender is responsible for obtaining all necessary permits in accordance with applicable code requirements.

Upon project completion a detailed walk-through of the facility is done with the customer. Excess material, dumpsters, ballasts, and containers are removed from the site. Disposal and recycling is done in accordance with all environmental regulations by properly licensed firms. The customer will be provided all applicable documentation. Post-installation inspections will be scheduled with utility representatives, as deemed appropriate.

9) Warranty and Maintenance

Customers are encouraged to call Green PLS or Preferred Venders if there are any questions or concerns related to the project. Appropriate representative from Preferred Vendors of manufacturers will assist in remedying a problem in a timely manner. A solution will be provided for concerns and issues. A lighting replacement package will be left at the site. GreenPLS’ Preferred Venders also prepare and submit to the customer a "Technical Specifications and Reorder Information for Lighting System Components" guide that includes cut sheets and maintenance information for all components installed and warranty instruction information. Since referrals are our most valuable marketing tool, any significant problem related to the original installation will be remedied by Green PLS or Preferred Venders after the project has been completed.