GreenPLS Philosophy

GreenPLS’ philosophy is centered on SAVINGS—saving your company money by saving the environment. There is much frustration in the market place with the current drive to go green and reduce energy. Why the frustration? People and companies are not really convinced that the new technology can really save energy.  Plus these new energy efficient lighting systems cost a lot of money--more than traditional systems. The big question: Is the expense really worth it?  GreenPLS believes that retrofit projects that are properly engineered and managed can be verified and certified to create significant savings in both energy consumption and costs by as much as 50% or more. GreenPLS believes that their method of obtaining initial data from old systems to the retrofitting of the new systems can be documented to show that you are saving both money and energy. With this belief GreenPLS found a sound way to economically pay for the projects with NO CAPITAL OUTLAY for the company and owners. The amazing result was that the payments for the new lighting systems were usually LESS than the old energy and maintenance costs. GreenPLS’ payment plans are made with the use of a lease that allows equipment to transfer ownership to the company at the end of the lease. The life of the nhigher. ew equipment is normally much longer than the term of the lease making savings beyond the lease increase even higher. 

no upfront capital