GreenPLS Niche Market Applications

LEDs are particularly advantageous with niche market lighting.

The areas that are showing the most promise for using LEDs are:

  1. exitColored light applications that suit LEDs attributes are immense. Traffic lights and decorative holiday lights with LED diodes currently have the highest market penetration. The savings on LEDs in traffic light usage are impressive with increased energy savings, more efficient directional use of the lighting, lower bulb replacement, and less maintenance. The shorter down time required to replace burned out traffic light bulbs also reduces municipalities’ liabilities. The exit sign market is ready to grow as well as electric commercial signage.
  1. The indoor white lights market is ready for immediate growth. The energy usage savings with recessed down displaylights can be immense. The average savings for a business after a change to LEDs and other energy efficient lighting systems is approximately 28%. LEDs produce very little heat which will help to lower air conditioning costs and create more savings.

  1. Display case lights have unique requirements that suit the attributes of LEDs. The low heat lampemitted makes LEDs ideal for refrigerator display cases. Retail and task display lighting can reap the benefits of LEDs. The smaller size of the bulbs makes LEDs desirable for office under shelf and kitchen under cabinet lighting.

  2. Out door white lights is a developing market with low market penetration. This niche includes street and area lighting as well as step, porch and path lighting. street lights
  3. The possibilities for LEDs in this arena are enormous with the energy savings from usage, improved quality of light output, lower overhead cost in bulb replacement and maintenance.